Quality of Service and Product
  • Mystery shopper
    Guest Experience

    Albatross' mystery shopper is designed to improve the hotels' performance. The programme helps management to assess the strengths of the hotels and the areas for improvement in terms of products and services. 

    Also, it ensures that staff respect the brand’s standard procedures and provides insight on which trainings and workshops the company should invest in. Mystery shopper auditors are selected to represent each hotel's clientele based on gender and age. The audits conducted, based on customer experience, are constructive, relevant, and actionable feedback.

  • One Room, One Day
    Asset Management

    As hotel owners, Red Planet knows how important it is to maintain our assets. Hence, the hotel group developed an asset management programme that ensures the hotel properties always appear new and appealing. All rooms are stripped down before being fully repainted and retouched in detail by our maintenance team. Housekeeping then takes over for a deep clean to ensure rooms are spotless and fragrant. 

    By renovating our rooms in a daily rotation, Red Planet guarantees high quality accommodation for guests at all hotels.

  • Revinate
    Online Reviews Monitoring

    It is critical, especially for a new brand such as Red Planet, to know what is being said about the hotels on any site producing user generated content. Revinate monitors millions of content sources for any mentioned topic related to Red Planet’s hotels, services, and competitors. By monitoring every mention, whether on online travel agencies, social media, or blogs, the hotel can better understand its guests' and prospective guests' sentiments wherever they post online.

    Understanding our guests’ experiences is important for improving our products and services. We use Revinate to reflect on our guests' feedback, implement improvements, and turn guests into brand advocates to drive exposure and new bookings.

Maintaining Relevance with our Guests
  • Remembered
    Loyalty Programme

    Red Planet’s Remembered loyalty programme provides guests with a 10% discount on all their stays at every Red Planet hotel worldwide. Guests can sign up through the Red Planet website, mobile app, or at the front desk and they will instantly receive a mobile virtual loyalty card through the app (just turn your phone sideways!).

  • In-Stay Mode
    Special Red Planet Features
    • Chat with Front Desk

      From the minute a booking is made, guests can send a message from within the app right to the front desk staff. Any questions or special requests are guaranteed an answer within minutes. 

    • In-House Phone

      An industry first – rather than cluttering lobbies and rooms with house phones, Red Planet has built it right into its app. Once they check in, guests are instantly able to call the front desk or other rooms from within the app.

    • Local Attractions

      Whether it’s things to do, places to eat, or where to party when the sun goes down – In-Stay mode has Red Planet guests covered. Guests can start researching before they check-in, or look up some last-minute attractions – all from within the brand’s smartphone app.

    • Directions to Hotel

      Our guests never get lost with In-Stay mode. They can book a ride or follow step-by-step directions from the current location back to the hotel with the phone's built-in maps.